Newborn Photo Session Prepping Guide for Parents

Thank you for choosing me as your newborn photographer. I look forward to meeting your new addition and creating some wonderful memories for you. In order to ensure a successful session, please carefully read through the following information and try to follow it the best you can. Knowing exactly how to prepare for your new baby’s photo session not only will ensure many beautiful photos of your baby but also a pleasant experience for baby and the parents.

What to Expect

Your session starts at the time it is scheduled for, not at the time you arrive, so please do your best to be on time. Should you be late it will result in less poses/set-ups and in turn less images for you. If you are more than 30 mins late for the session I do have the right to cancel. We are usually starting at 10am.

Newborn sessions generally last between 3 – 3.5 hours so please plan for that. The studio will be VERY warm in order to keep your baby comfortable and sleeping. Please dress in layers so that you don’t get too hot. Bottled water will be provided but please also feel free to bring your own refreshments. I try to emulate a ‘womb’ like environment for your baby to keep them calm and soothed so I will have white noise playing loudly in the studio.


Sessions will take care in my home-studio in Guildford (GU47DY). The temperature of the studio is kept warm with a temperature above 24 degrees Celsius. This will keep the baby nice and sleepy especially if we do nude poses. If you would like to take pictures with the baby, please wear simple white, cream or plain black colours. You can come alone or together with another person (partner, friend, grandma, etc.). Please let me know if siblings are included.

Before the session

About and hour before you have to leave to come to the studio please try to keep baby awake and alert as best you can via stimulation & playtime. Interact with them as much as possible so that we are not spending too much time getting them to sleep when you arrive. Let your baby fall asleep in the car on the way to the studio. Please don’t get your baby out of the car seat and feed in the car before you come in as it may disturb them from sleep. Should baby still be awake when you arrive, I will get them out of the car seat, undress them and pass them back to you for a top-up should they need it.

Ensure baby has a VERY full belly for the session. It is advised to feed baby about 20 – 30 mins before you leave to come to the studio. Should your baby need a top up after I have gotten them undressed then I will have you feed a little bit more. Please bring extra bottles of formula if baby is bottle fed.

Please dress your baby in comfortable clothes. Something easy to undress like buttoned or zip up clothing.

Please bring a pacifier. Although your baby is not using one, this will calm your baby down during the transition between the poses. A short period of time using a pacifier will not create confusion. If you don’t have a pacifier, I am more than happy to provide one to your baby for the session.


Once you arrive, you will have the time to feed the baby and change if needed. Then you can relax on the couch while I am photographing your precious baby.

The session

During the 3 hours of the session I usually ask the parents to relax. My workflow is created for a safe, easy and effective transition from one pose to another.

If you are bringing an older sibling to the studio is it advised that you bring someone who can take them out for a little while until we are ready for the sibling/family shots. The studio is very warm and in past experiences, siblings, specifically toddlers, can be a distraction if they are running around while we are trying to settle an awake or fussy newborn. As toddlers are very busy and still adjusting to a new baby in the home, most will not want to lay down next to their new sibling for a photo, so please be prepared for that.

After the session

Five days after the session I will provide you with an online gallery where you can see all the photos and choose your favourites. Your final high resolution individually edited images will be received in weeks after you choose your favourite photographs.

Covid Measures:

  • Due to COVID-19 I have a strict NO SICK policy and will reschedule newborn/sitter session if anyone in your home or mine is sick. Only immediate family members (parents and children) will be allow into the studio during the session. I see only 4 clients a week (typically on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) which allow me to throughly wash and sanitise everything used during each session as well as the studio itself between the clients. Every item that baby have worn even for 5 minutes will be laundered and every item that baby will have skin contact will be disinfected. Cleaning and hygiene is kept on the highest level. I will be wearing the mask during the entire session.
  • Please note if anyone attending the session appears to have a cough, cold, fever or any other symptoms of the virus even mildly I will need to ask you to postpone the session with no exceptions. It’s important to let me know in advance if you are feeling unwell so I can reschedule your session to another time. I understand this may be inconvenience but its important that I do not allow a virus into the studio at this time due to the vulnerable condition of my other clients.
  • Studio and all used props will be washed and sanitised before and after each session
  • Clients will be asked to take their shoes off before coming into the studio
  • I will wash hands often and will be using sanitiser often
  • Hand sanitiser will be available for clients to use
  • Only immediate family members to attend the session (parents and siblings)
  • We will be limiting the number of persons in the studio in the same time to 5 (including me and baby)
  • The sessions will be scheduled apart to allow a thorough clean between the sessions. Only one session/ day, 3 times / week.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me prior to your scheduled newborn session.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your little baby.